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Sub-lieutenant Jim Booth was a COPP member aboard X-23, marking the D-Day beaches on Tuesday 6th June 1944 (on the bows of the submarine image shown below). Jim served under Lieutenant George Honour RNVR, and was awarded the Croix de Guerre by the French for his outstanding gallantry.

Following the success of the D-Day mission, and like many fellow COPP specialists, Jim was posted to the Far East to carry out further hazardous reconnaissance work along the coast of Burma, prior to its recapture. This entailed exploration of the coastal inlets, using small specialist landing craft, and sorties from two man canoes, which were launched from submarines.

After his Far East tour of duty, Jim returned to the UK to attend a parachute course, but he was then returned to the regular navy, and sent to the Mediterranean in command of a minesweeper, HMS Vallay, clearing German minefields. Before joining COPP Jim had served on the North Sea convoys, so all in all he had quite a busy war!

When he was asked about his wartime experiences with the COPP unit, Jim Booth said: “When you’re a young man, and part of a good team of like-minded extroverts, you just think it’s all an exciting adventure, and you never imagine that you might not survive”.




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